My Story

Born in the small military town of Lawton, OK, Jamal Crockett took an instant interest in music immediately after birth. If his hands could touch it, he would use it to make music. This passion only grew as he aged. At the tender age of six, Jamal began playing drums at the St. Elmo Baptist Church under the guide of Pauline Harris and Gino Guest—the ministers of music at the church. Being in the midst of skillful and supportive musicians, Jamal soon picked up an interest in the piano. The pastor, Rev. Willie Guest Sr. recognized the gift within him and paid for Jamal to take lessons from the community piano teacher, Mrs. Sally Hall. As he grew into his teenage years, his gift became stronger, and doors were opened to play at many of the churches in the Lawton and the surrounding areas.  From here, he became surrounded by more musicians, but one had his attention captivated. Elder Theodore (Teddy) Farmer took Jamal under his wing and helped him develop his skill on organ and keyboard in addition to capturing the highly sought after Pentecostal sound. However, beyond the sound, Jamal was captivated by the message of a certain Pentecostal  church—New Hope Church of God in Christ where he served as a musician under the leadership of the late Superintendent Vernon Cross.

Around this time, Jamal’s interest in music had expanded beyond the instruments, and became a DJ and A/V Tech for Top Catt/Cool Audio production at the fledgling age of 14. He continued this path throughout junior and high school. While in school, he received multiple acknowledgments and awards for his knowledge and precision as demonstrated through his work with the sound production and video team of Lawton Senior High School.

After high school, Jamal remained in Lawton. However, as he evolved as a musician and skillful teacher, he left his post of New Hope and transferred to Bethel Church of God in Christ in Lawton under the leadership of Dr. Hubert Edison Jr. For twelve years Jamal labored tirelessly as the minister of music bringing a fresh sound to the community of Lawton. Here he acquired his love for the bass guitar. Mentored by his close friend Marion Bethune, Jamal honed his craft. This dedication eventually led to God honoring his dedicating to music and allowed Jamal to win a Kingston Z5 MTD bass signed by master builder Michael Tobias. Showing his sincerity to God, Jamal continued to use his gift for ministry as God continued to open doors for him.

He was also active in the Oklahoma Southeast Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Music Department under the direction of Missionary Delores Anderson. He served as an organist and bassist for the department. He would eventually rise to the ranks of 4th Administrative Assistant to the Jurisdictional Minister of Music.
In 2006, Jamal was offered the opportunity the travel to Italy to minister in music with the Holy Ghost Fire Sisters Quartet. He has also played for Pastor Beverley Crawford, Bishop Rance Allen, Bishop Vanuel C. Little, Pastor Ruby Terry, Minister Kevin Lemons, Minister Jevon Brock, Bishop Levi Lenley, Apostle Harold K. Browning, Bishop Tommie Gregory, and a host of others.

After twelve years at Bethel, Jamal relocated to Oklahoma City and took the position of Minister of Music at Lighthouse Church of God in Christ under the direction of Pastor Chester Hawkins Jr. As a turning point, he has hearkened to and accepted the call of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to his ventures with groups, Jamal is also currently working on his first solo project featuring jazz and gospel inspirations. Jamal looks forward to completing this project and releasing to his longtime and new supporters.